Smart home security, evolved.

With the next generation of home security technology, CleverLoop helps protect what's most important to you, peace of mind included.

CleverLoop Base Station

Introducing CleverLoop

The next generation of home security and video monitoring. As well as being smart and easy to use from mobile devices, CleverLoop also takes your privacy and budget into account.

Clever Learning System
Clever Learning System

Advanced computer vision technology goes beyond simple motion detection, greatly reducing false alarms.

All-Round Security
All-Round Security

Designed to support multiple cameras with night vision and optional all-weather outdoor cameras.

Protects Your Privacy
Protects Your Privacy

Local storage & analysis combined with Geo-Fencing makes sure your privacy is not compromised.

Extensive Free Plan
Extensive Free Plan

Comes with a function-rich extensive free plan, unlike many other home security systems.

Just one touch away from home.

Directly from your mobile device, you can quickly see and hear what's happening at home. No matter where you are in the world, live views and recorded video clips from your security cameras let you know everything is safe and sound.

Instant mobile alerts when something happens.

Whenever CleverLoop sees something unusual, the video clips are analyzed to decide if it's critical. Important clips are backed up to the cloud and mobile alerts are sent to you immediately.

Everything in your pocket.

Sorry, but there are no manuals in the box. Instead the CleverLoop app will walk you through the setup process with video instruction and customized help based on your input. Once set up, you have control over everything from the app, be it turning on night vision or watching live views.

Born clever

Rest assured, cleverness is NOT some add-on that you should pay for. From right out of the box, with CleverLoop you can enjoy the clever learning system, cloud storage and other advanced features - all for free.

See, learn, and understand.

CleverLoop minimizes false alarms with a unique learning algorithm that understands what's unusual and what's trivial. With a bit training, it can tell a cat or a swinging tree from a human, so next time your phone buzzes, you know it's something critical.

Learn more about how the clever learning system works »

Now I'm home and it's still watching?

We agree, that's creepy. Don't worry, equipped with Geo-Fencing technology, CleverLoop can automatically disarm when a family member comes back home (and re-arm once everyone has left). It not only reduces false alarms, but also protects the privacy of your family.

Basement, garage and front door...

Let's face it, one camera sometimes just isn't enough to cover everything, even with a super wide angle lens. That's why, from hardware architecture to app user experience, CleverLoop is engineered and designed to support multiple cameras, including all-weather outdoor cameras with long range night vision.

More cameras with less cost.

Thanks to how CleverLoop works, it's extremely cost effective to install additional security cameras that multiply the power of your system. For more pricing information, check the store page or compare with other products.

Money saved,
Privacy Intact.

CleverLoop uses a hybrid storage & analysis strategy: All footage is analyzed and stored locally, which saves you money and uploading bandwidth while keeping your privacy intact; When there's a critical event, the clips of the event will be securely backed up to the Cloud.

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